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Common Questions & Answers - FAQs

What we get asked regularly

Q What is the minimum time scale I can hire a chauffeured car for?

A Crown Chauffeurs have a wide variety of vehicles available but most are on our minimum 3 hour hire.

Q What area do you cover?

A Although Crown Chauffeurs are based in London and Essex, we are not just London and Essex chauffeurs. We cover all other areas of the UK and even Europe. Our clients generally come from around the world and specifically choose us to drive them around Europe.

Q How much is it to hire one of your vehicles?

A Depending on the model of vehicle and length of hire required, you can work this out from our rates page and airport transfers page on our website.

Q How much notice do I need to give before hiring a chauffeured vehicle?

A As much notice as possible, as the vehicle you may want is already booked out on hire for that particular date or time.

Q What do I need to do to book a chauffeured vehicle?

A To secure your chauffeured vehicle, you need to first check the availability, then if it is available, provide Crown Chauffeurs Limited the required deposit. (normally 25% of the total hire charge or the full balance if less than 3 days before hire date)

Q What if I need to cancel my booking?  Am I entitled to a refund?

A depending on how much notice you give to us depends on the balance of money you are refunded. As you can understand, We may have turned away business since your booking and do need to compensate for lost work.

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